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Welcome to SWEA North Carolina
SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association Inc., is a global non-profit organization for Swedish-speaking women who are living, or have lived abroad. The SWEA North Carolina Chapter was established in 1997 and currently has about 80 members. While our members reside throughout North Carolina, most live in the Triangle area, in Greensboro and in Charlotte. To cater to our members across the state, our program includes both day and evening activities in both locations.

We gather to enjoy our Swedish language, background, and culture. SWEA is both a meeting point for new expats, and a safety net with connections all over the world. We hope to make life abroad easier, providing support for our member when they arrive in a new place and when they return to Sweden.

SWEA’s objective is to protect the Swedish language, support, and inform others, about our culture and traditions. SWEA will also act as an intermediary in supplying personal and professional contacts, establishing a network for its members throughout the world. Furthermore, SWEA supports education through scholarships and donating to projects with a Swedish connection.

We are working for a continued growth of the Swedish colony in the Carolinas, hosting cultural and educational events every month.

During the year, our activities vary and may include:

  • baking semlor (lent-buns),
  • watching Swedish movies,
  • meet for a fika (coffee and some sweets)
  • hosting a kräftskiva (crayfish parties) and a pea-soup with punch-liquor party,
  • planning day trips to explore NC

In December, we host our biggest fundraising event, the Scandinavian Julmarknad (Christmas Fair) in Raleigh. This event is hosted together with VASA, an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the Scandinavian culture and heritage.

Through SWEA North Carolina we hope to establish lifelong friendships as we stay connected to the Swedish culture during our time abroad.

For more information please contact the Chapter President at northcarolina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)swea.org

Welcome to SWEA of North Carolina!
Hjärtligt välkommen till SWEA North Carolina!

Julmarknaden – Scandinavian Christmas Fair

The Scandinavian Christmas Fair is an authentic celebration of the traditions of the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. This old-world celebration is certain to get you in the spirit of the season!

The Julmarknad (Christmas Fair in Swedish) attracts people from Scandinavia and of Scandinavian descent from all over the state as well as many Americans who have made this an annual tradition.

The Julmarknad always features a variety of home-made foods, like Swedish meatballs, salmon, and pea soup. Be sure to visit the “Swedish Fika” for coffee and wonderful home-baked pastries.

Unique crafts, gifts, and foods from Scandinavia and in the Scandinavian tradition are offered by talented artisans and vendors.

The stage is sure to keep both kids and adults entertained all day long. Performers from the local Scandinavian community will be showing traditional folk dances, playing folk music, and singing traditional songs. There is also a “fashion show” featuring the beautiful folk costumes of the Scandinavian countries. For many families, the highpoint is the Lucia procession. This singing procession of young boys and girls celebrating the season of light is a very memorable experience not to be missed.

For more information please visit www.scanfair.org. See you there!

The SWEA North Carolina Scholarship

SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association, is a global non-profit organization for Swedish and Swedish-speaking women who are living or have lived abroad. SWEA’s mission includes supporting and raising awareness of the Swedish language, culture, and traditions. SWEA supports education through scholarships and other projects.

SWEA was founded in 1979 in Los Angeles by Agneta Nilsson. By 2008 the international association boasted more than 8,000 members distributed among 80-some chapters in 40-some countries around the world. The North Carolina Chapter of SWEA was established in 1997 and currently has about 80 members.

Each year, SWEA North Carolina awards one or more scholarships, depending on the applicant pool. In the past, the scholarships have generally amounted to $1,000 each. In return, recipients commit to providing a report to SWEA NC on how the award was used, either in writing or by giving a presentation.

Scholarship Guidelines – SWEA North Carolina
Purpose of the scholarship: To support a person or an organization with ties to North Carolina in their studies or their efforts to advance/share knowledge of Swedish culture, traditions, language, history, or society. However, outstanding scholars in any field of study (from North Carolina-based institutions, pursuing research or studies in Sweden, or vice versa) are invited to apply, as the scholarship is more broadly intended to foster worthwhile scholarly exchanges between Sweden and North Carolina.

Eligibility criteria: To be considered for the scholarship, an applicant must:

  • be connected to both North Carolina and Sweden,
  • have concrete plans on how to use the scholarship, and
  • Commit to providing a report on how the scholarship was used, for instance by writing an article or giving a presentation to SWEA NC.

The applicant must also have an established contact with the university, institution, or organization where she/he will study (if applicable).

Both women and men are encouraged to apply. You can read earlier presentations from the scholarships here.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis in two rounds: February through May and August through November. The first scholarship is awarded at the end of May, and the second at the end of November. They are both considered on individual merit.

For additional information, and/or to submit your application, please contact: scholarshipsweanc(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)hotmail.com">scholarshipsweanc(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)hotmail.com