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First Aid Kit i Raleigh

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Datum: 2018-06-08
20:00 – 22:00

North Carolina Museum of Art: Museum Park Theater


med svenska systerduon First Aid Kit​

 Klara and Johanna Söderberg recall feeling like outsiders for finding 1970s U.S. culture “exotic” and for obsessing over country stars like Johnny Cash. In their teens they began drawing lyrical inspiration from Swedish folk stories while setting their songs to a rootsy North American sound. Their recorded videos won them spots on Late Night with David Letterman and Ellen and earned multiple Swedish Grammy Awards.

Celebrated for soaring, exquisite harmonies, the duo’s live performances moved Patti Smith and Emmylou Harris to tears. First Aid Kit now returns to the U.S. to debut an acclaimed fourth album, Ruins, which features REM guitarist Peter Buck and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. Backed by pedal steel, bass, keyboards, and guitar, First Aid Kit’s live shows transfix audiences with everything from lilting ballads to a head-banging Black Sabbath cover—and their tribute to the #MeToo Movement, “You Are the Problem Here.”

Dörrarna öppnas kl 18.30 och konserten startar kl 20.00

Ta med stol eller filt att sitta på samt mat och (alkoholfri!!) dryck om så önskas.

Köp biljett (General Admission) redan nu samt anmäl dig nedan så vet vilka och hur många som kommer.


Anmälan SWEA First Aid Kit i Raleigh